Friday, 21 October 2011

Success in the Sculling Ladder

Last Saturday, 15th October, the River Liffey at Islandbridge played host to the annual Dublin Sculling Ladder. This year DULBC were able to enter a record number of seven scullers in this time-trial race for bragging rights as fastest on the river. This unprecedented entry shows the increasing level of experience within the club, both from experienced juniors coming to study in Trinity, and an increasing interest in small boats from within the club's existing ranks. On sheer number of entries alone DULBC were already the most successful women on the river on Saturday but the victory was cemented when the times were announced and we had Sinead Dolan's joint first place to celebrate as well. This is only the second time DULBC has claimed the top spot in the Dublin Sculling Ladder, and the last time was 1986! With recent recruits from Commercial RC, Ruth Morris and Claire Cooney, coming in fourth and fifth respectively and DULBC senior Sinead Roger in sixth, it looks like DULBC will be a force to be reckoned with in sculling as well as sweep boats this year. 

A full list of entries and finish positions is available on the Results page.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Great start to the 2011/12 season.

DULBC had a great start to the new year with a very successful Freshers Week. Loads of new recruits were signed up at the Freshers stand and the erg races at TCD's first ever Sports Night allowed freshers to get their first taste of racing. With the help of Rowing Ireland's Lisa Hayden, ergs were linked up to a projector display to increase the excitement as participants (victims?!) could see themselves racing side-by-side on the big screen. This event gave us a great opportunity to demonstrate the principles of indoor rowing to the uninitiated members of TCD's Sports Department and DUCAC ahead of the National Erg Championships which will take place in Trinity on Sunday 13th November. Perhaps DUCAC and the Department of Sport will enter their own relay teams?
We were also lucky to recruit a number of experienced rowers from Ireland, the UK and America alongside the novice group this year and these girls will be important additions to our large Intermediate/Senior squad. Training is already in full swing and our new recruits certainly aren't being eased in gently. There is already a great atmosphere in the club and excitement for the forthcoming season. Best of luck to all the novices taking their maiden voyages this weekend.